Who are we ?

We are among the first users of the DigiBroker site and we are passionate about investments and Digibyte.

With the arrival of the website, we realized that we could invest in several people, in order to limit the risks on the one hand but also in order to have passive incomes while limiting the initial investment.

Together we go further and we are stronger.

What is TheGatewayProject ?

This project was born from the idea of 10 of DigiBroker’s regular members to acquire passive income in the Digibyte blockchain with a minimum of effort.

So we decided to meet and form TheGatewayProject.

This project aims to build bridges between the different blockchains. We build masternodes in other blockchains in order to collect the profits and repatriate them to our Digibyte wallets. In this way, we carry out cash flows and make our Digibytes work, which makes it possible to contributing to the use case of the Digibyte currency.

Is it risky ?

Like any investment project, theGatwayProject remains a risky investment.

However, when you buy an asset, you are not buying a void. You buy a part of the amount made available to activate the staking server.

It is in fact a question of making a kind of mining for another cryptocurrency and recovering its benefits.

However, this investment remains less risky than investing in a mining farm.

Indeed, a mining farm, to be profitable, depends both on the price of the crypto currency, but also and especially on the equipment. A hardware failure will inevitably occur. On stacking, we don’t have this problem. Profits therefore depend solely on currency exchange rates. If for some reasons we decided to stop the project, you will get back your part of stacked coins proportionally to your owned amount.

We choose the best projects in order to ensure maximum profitability.

List of active assets :

  • TheGatewayProject – DIVI MasterNode #1. (estimated payouts end 2019 0.22 DGB per day/asset, estimated payouts Q1 2020 0.65 DGB per day/asset)

Fully based on digiBroker

TheGatewayProject is fully based on DigiBroker features. The sale of shares is made on the platform and the automated distribution of payouts is carried out by the “automatic profits” functionality of the DigiBroker Profit Manager. Asset was created via digiBroker and the imageProxy server is used.

Interested or have questions ?

Visit us : https://t.me/DigiAssetsMasterNode

EDIT: This asset was partly repaid due to the exceptional rise in the DIVI share price. There are now 100 000 DIVI in staking.

Project Fathers

  • Mark
  • @gam777 (Gabriel)
  • @lennysc (SC Farm, Clixx.io)
  • DigiClemR (DigiBroker)
  • @CaptainCooked420 (Charlie)
  • @cryptodomainsaleinstagram
  • @FACILITATOR44 (Archie)
  • @Liongang (eLion)
  • @BETCHAinToWin (Kyle Dean)