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The Independence Project
id: La4XnfbDTT8knq1TaZoZmjdpdjwnrUWWRNW5Ng
Grants the user a sponsored named brick in an expanding vegetable garden in Durban,South Africa, in so doing, becoming a part in proving independence from government is possible without sacrificing your standard of living, with regards to electricity, water and vegetables. An asset also entitles you to an entry on the sustainable blog on Your entry on the blog could be anything you hold dear, and you will become part of the history making movement of independent living. Asset holders will get lessons learnt, not only in solar, how to gauge usage, batteries, panels, inverters , but water independence, organic gardening, natural pest repellent, becoming independent without sacrificing standard of living, reusing waste, recycling,fermenting via Bokashi, companion planting etc All new asset holders will be mentioned on the blog, with their twitter handle (if available and requested), including a short description, thus enlarging their reach in the social medi300when available500 DGB
$3.825 | 3.563€

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