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Project UrlNameDescriptionOffers returns Price (DGB)Action
The Masked Singer Ladybug Revealed as Kelly Osbourne
id: La2iqLCSHSADSw1ZPoCw5xbyk1WXUnn71Cp2YB
Kelly Osbourne – Singer-Songwriter, Fashion Designer & Television Host is revealed as Ladybug on Episode 7/Season 2 of The Masked Singer on FOX Air Date: 11/13/2019 The Clues ...when available682.321 DGB
17.87 $ | 21.71 €
id: La2jJJ8GDaV6VTzkgbDdXHWdftysUT9PLbCi98
A simple token meant to be traded for whoever accepts it. After all, it's Doge on the DigiByte network!No1 DGB
0.026 $ | 0.022 €
Minions Despicable Me Token
id: La2kgGBF3HfsiAzsss2fchaciF8oKKEUvi7Xq9
A must have for the biggest Minion fan!!!No2 DGB
0.052 $ | 0.043 €
id: La2uUXuascNfv1QpczFKr7RA31YwX8VpHRWVNZ
Digi asset cardNo420 DGB
11 $ | 9.118 €
id: La3DXchCywDdk82mMurk4WsJPNR1yuCJGKMcBa
Each 1UnitedStatesDigibyte (1USDGB) asset ensures the holder (1) United States dollar kept at our secured facility and is redeemable for the note upon demand. Please visit our link ...No50 DGB
1.31 $ | 1.086 €
Digibyte Hodlers Certificate
id: La3Eeg9hJBWgwx4Gf1tA5JyB2u9pocaTEcvmQD
DGBAT slush fund, giving you voting rights to use your asset to vote and donate for future Digibyte development, or use it as a fixed investment to keep your hands strong.No200 DGB
5.238 $ | 4.342 €
id: La3LdaAT4PEYsN4qZ2vnjdeWbE6hY7VrMZHYBU
Collectible Bitcoin on DigiByte - The fastest Bitcoin on the planet. Meme of BTC with supply of 21 million as supposed to be, only now it is secured by five algorithms of the mostNo1 DGB
0.026 $ | 0.022 €
SC Tree
id: La3MSqJCaRPCSitRxxDLSnmJyVwb46jdgabAxR
Presenting our tree asset where trees will be planted not just to honor asset holders but also to help the environment.No381.825 DGB
10 $ | 31.371 €
id: La3w2HoducYiCakuhMw7oCy3kNwWzGg9ntWz8R
Each KigiByte has been originally sold for 1024 DigiBytes. Show how rich in DGB you are!No1024 DGB
26.819 $ | 22.231 €
Spencer Dinwiddie DigiAsset
id: La4cJDbG13YwBMEEzgDTfrJPGdVoG4VmMrEjzR
Limited Edition "Spencer Dinwiddie" DigiAsset. This limited edition (1/100) token has been issued as a collectible token on the Digibyte Blockchain. No10000 DGB
261.9 $ | 217.1 €
Loyal DGB Holder
id: La5pvYN8ULQZNvzxAFUX8Nys12bbXN33ugy6id
This Limited Edition (20,000) \'Loyal DGB Holder\' Asset is held by anyone who is Loyal to and Loves DigiByte, and who believes in the community friendships of DGB.No20 DGB
0.524 $ | 0.434 €
id: La5SaXFRKsxwqr65EykKTzTUWZRudXChgmkbLN
Helping other is caring No1000 DGB
26.19 $ | 21.71 €
id: La5scaVWoC2gHtUtPm3ZRmC2vy3og9PPrKF6JB
PayBits are a Decentralized Blockchain assets Developed by PayInnovations made as an alternative to Slower Blockchains like BTC, ETH, BCH. We provide 5-35% APR Staking Rewards excl ...No10000 DGB
261.9 $ | 217.1 €
Gokus One Inch Punch Token
id: La6aXhQcxm64tRL5868BdEWjxvU1xGPHUicArG
Gokus One Inch Punch : After enduring an attack from his opponent, Goku places his hand with his index and middle fingers out near his opponents chest then makes a fist to deliver ...No101 DGB
2.645 $ | 2.193 €
id: La6Lm97miR9Eq67pT5aC73CoxAiznyA69wHXBh
The founding Genius Dollars - Founding Members Creating a self sustaining ecosystem of thriving creators. Changing the world with our Art and Music.quarterly3000 DGB
78.57 $ | 65.13 €
id: La6rsiVprftYfjGvs4jfUEpDDDQMzMJMFUVcfB
Each MigiByte has been originally sold for 1,048,576 (1024^2) DigiBytes. Show how rich in DGB you are!No1048580 DGB
27462.31 $ | 22764.672 €
id: La7oaPL5gA8maMx4rRsjta6JKoZARGgg82Js7m
Each 1GramSilverBar (1GSB) asset ensures the holder a 1 gram bar of pure silver kept at our secured facility and is redeemable for the precious metal upon demand.No150 DGB
3.929 $ | 3.257 €
Crypto Funds
id: La7oHh4ik27QcmvvK19DgPmgFERtegw87kCD5L
#P2P Loan
Crypto Funds lends your funds to traders on Bitfinex. Each loan is subject to an interest rate that the trader must pay. Our goal is to have a return on investment of 6% which we wmonthly653.589 DGB
17.118 $ | 54.275 €
TheGatewayProject - DIVI Masternode #1
id: La7ReQXmoyMEEExq7FiGXXUFCY3fKSkQ4qG462
Shares Divi Masternode profit. 100% of profit distributed monthly to asset holders.monthly1500 DGB
39.285 $ | 32.565 €
Beach Clean-Up The Book
id: La7ZXK9KSXPNjKv79S7t7kK35ASm8t6jPJQWNj
Genre: Crime Drama -- Overview: Lieutenant Jacob Beach goes on special assignment to help the Daytona Beach Police Department head off the anticipated influx of criminals that are ...No240 DGB
6.286 $ | 5.21 €
id: La84j4cULsA5ieFkaWQg3hix2shf1nDijvsKBM
This asset is to promote new business, market new products, and reward those who support the content.when available0.752 DGB
0.02 $ | 0.022 €
Sofistyc HLDG
id: La8BN2WzVshUyv6szKFBaFL2bQCeraDRM2HBRA
#Real Estate
Investments in real state and different activiteieswhen available38308.897 DGB
1003.31 $ | 835.835 €
TheGatewayProject - SnowGem Masternode #1
id: La8oKVMuvApWXBv8RxfwrVkWfPiRgM7PS3Q4p7
One asset represents 1/1200th ownership in a SnowGem (XSG) masternode pool. 100% of the profits will be equally distributed to asset holders each month in the form of DigiByte. For ...monthly475 DGB
12.44 $ | 10.312 €
id: La8sqMdMrw62b95kXcdJRvnvMZRyu4wpzbR1cN
XRP1 (aka Ripple One aka Ripple Classic) is a decentralized community meme-fork of Ripple Xrp. It was created by the legendary Xatoshi Xakamoto. There was no ICO ever, only an ITO ...when available0.01 DGB
0 $ | 0 €
id: La8VHEuDRtkWGf2odvZGJ5uKamKtMdFdESEiMa
Each 1UnitedStatesDigibyte (1USDGB) asset ensures the holder (1) United States dollar kept at our secured facility and is redeemable for the note upon demand. Please visit our link ...No4650 DGB
121.784 $ | 100.952 €
id: La9CwW894oTwaiJnFBj4R7GyV9V2YDYZUjE2Uh
Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer and musician of the Baroque period. Born in late March of 1685 (died at the age of 65), he is regarded as one of the greatest composers ...No1 DGB
0.026 $ | 0.022 €
id: La9x33gfHefKG7PTegYDjq5wk8HpZHgCLM1j1V
Chainlink enables your smart contracts to reach their full potential https://chain.link Smart contracts need to interface with the data feeds, events, and widely accepted payme ...when available450 DGB
11.786 $ | 9.77 €
id: La9YbTPoY8nKb49KvZ63XmgGDSwbegnqPREQ36
This is a digital stable euroNo44.236 DGB
1.159 $ | 1.02 €
Ruby Yachts Expedition Yacht 70
id: LaAXZaHKniibT3b8uxYxdwAkXv3U8oR2wcqzGG
We are accepting donations to help fund the construction of our 70' Expedition Yacht. Each contributor will receive a framed 8" x 10" print of the original color painting showing ...No3796.869 DGB
99.44 $ | 119.405 €
My First DigiAsset
id: Lh7svRw3cTjGkQF9mmnSbFqgaRosuA3kQnTUs8
Congratulations, this is your first DigiAsset! This is a limited-edition collectable with a special animation, but other DigiAssets could be concert tickets, season sporting passes ...No730.431 DGB
19.13 $ | 21.71 €
id: LhBW7gefPHPwqZ3guj7RgMeR7Hbmshj1aW9Uma
A DigiByte collectable token. There is only 100 tokens ever created. 40 DigiBest is leftNo3000 DGB
78.57 $ | 65.13 €
Hazels Online
id: Ua3QR8j4uApPmQ3LWfemQBjJUSfZ7AwD3k8V4V
#Firm shares
Shares to 50% Hazels Online Profit. A location based business directorymonthly5000 DGB
130.95 $ | 108.55 €
id: Ua3XyLuNX4SGHn12DvFirP8phwCUh4BDzwazXv
Make sure everyone knows what a Shitcoin is or just give them 1!!!No2 DGB
0.052 $ | 0.043 €
DigiByte.Rocks Mining Assets
id: Ua4MneDXdFP8eNEiN1fzJE8AjfuJ5RU3bBuRvq
This asset entitles you to an equal share in DigiByte.Rocks Mining Payouts. Whatever address holds this asset at midnight UTC gets the days payout awarded to them. See https://mini ...when available285 DGB
7.464 $ | 6.187 €
Digibyte Community Trust
id: Ua69bweJgcm8pLenc5bGX2zCkai8puifbPwA81
Digibyte Holdings for Digibyte Community used for trading against BTC to obtain DGB and profit sharing amongst share holders. Please visit the chat: https://t.me/DGBCommunityTrustwhen available640 DGB
16.762 $ | 13.894 €
Public Appreciation Token
id: Ua6AByyvSCNH6D7aNdS9GUhVC1Uu5dt5XBiLSC
https://raymedina.weebly.com/public-appreciation-token.html The Public Appreciation Token (PAT)​ is a DigiAsset created by Ray P. Medina and issued as a reward to supporters o ...daily341.924 DGB
8.955 $ | 10.855 €
SC Farm
id: Ua6EgwXUFYzHMjoNC1t6zQ2QnTqUE5hrnDBGyJ
#Firm shares
Each Digi Asset is qual to 1 share in our farming operations in Pangasinam, Philippines. We are growing Shrimps and Crabs and profits will be shared every 3 months as that is one g ...quarterly4250 DGB
111.308 $ | 92.268 €
digi-broker.com | WebSite Holders
id: Ua6fENXBVrKppdxK9VQFxZEyc5eACbDMju8amN
#Firm shares
Shares website profit for the digi-broker.com website. 20% of the funds will be donated to digibroker\'s R & D addressquarterly300 DGB
7.857 $ | 6.513 €
Micro Precious Metals Silver Gram
id: Ua8Ft5LRr6F9xH8hUjForKhoWeRjdf9XaRujPR
Asset used to redeem 1 Gram SilverNo100 DGB
2.619 $ | 2.171 €
id: Ua9ajzzwQcYUdxdnt82n8pmGnASQjmE1EysgkU
DigiMoney is the official token of digilocation.org and currently in use in the DigiMoney app, available for Android in the App Store. It will also be used in future apps and serv ...when available0.01 DGB
0 $ | 0 €
id: Ua9gThMUAQdMTEXbDs5S4C68edNRqq1WsDLjN2
DigiCoin is designed for security, stability, and ease of use. This regard for stability is inherent in the design of the economy and in the spirit of the DigiByte community. It is ...when available0.607 DGB
0.016 $ | 0.022 €
TheGatewayProject - Apollo Forge
id: Ua9LjC5znh7UFyXL1GkEaskhQJVmsLk2TKfJ9U
https://t.me/DigiAssetsMasterNode One asset represents 1/1000000th ownership in a Apollo Forging pool. 100% of the profits will be equally distributed to asset holders each month ...monthly5 DGB
0.131 $ | 0.109 €