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Fun Collectible Mining Firm Shares Token Real Estate P2P Loan Charity Marketing DGBAT Digibytedonations.com

Project UrlNameDescriptionOffers returns Price (DGB)Action
id: La2jJJ8GDaV6VTzkgbDdXHWdftysUT9PLbCi98
A simple token meant to be traded for whoever accepts it. After all, it's Doge on the DigiByte network!No1 DGB
0.028 $ | 0.025 €
Minions Despicable Me Token
id: La2kgGBF3HfsiAzsss2fchaciF8oKKEUvi7Xq9
A must have for the biggest Minion fan!!!No2 DGB
0.056 $ | 0.05 €
Friendship Token
id: La3116sw4Mb8zMCFnSYrw4nisFBLy4Wec78PdY
A token of our friendship. Show your friends how much you value them!when available0.001 DGB
0 $ | 0 €
id: La3DXchCywDdk82mMurk4WsJPNR1yuCJGKMcBa
Each 1UnitedStatesDigibyte (1USDGB) asset ensures the holder (1) United States dollar kept at our secured facility and is redeemable for the note upon demand. Please visit our link ...No50 DGB
1.412 $ | 1.248 €
id: La3EDDx7HjLMbzDbRDv4azrhRXk85ZHp1piqhK
#Real Estate
eSys Soluciones Tecnológicas sas - plataforma ecommerceblockchainNo2800 DGB
79.072 $ | 69.888 €
id: La3LdaAT4PEYsN4qZ2vnjdeWbE6hY7VrMZHYBU
Collectible Bitcoin on DigiByte - The fastest Bitcoin on the planet. Meme of BTC with supply of 21 million as supposed to be, only now it is secured by five algorithms of the mostNo1 DGB
0.028 $ | 0.025 €
id: La3QKaWxs7E4huqdTM7ScKx44tPczVJgZX5w2u
2021 Notorious B.I.G acrylic on canvaswhen available420 DGB
11.861 $ | 10.483 €
id: La3w2HoducYiCakuhMw7oCy3kNwWzGg9ntWz8R
Each KigiByte has been originally sold for 1024 DigiBytes. Show how rich in DGB you are!No1024 DGB
28.918 $ | 25.559 €
id: La4e75PaiU9VWwcVE2ZkBPkcRvm2xjjrUZtunr
1st asset work in progresswhen available10 DGB
0.282 $ | 0.25 €
id: La4hq3DS6Fue5DJHqMDfd7ywvoSQLxtGG9GHww
Your best collection❤️💙💛 Tu mejor colección ❤️💙💛No2 DGB
0.056 $ | 0.05 €
DigiAnimal Spirit
id: La4kA6DyrDs49ZnN7iwJBWnZpvq5xTvpzQoXuk
His is the new generation of money and especially art, let us never forget that no matter how much technology exists, we live in a natural environment full of beauty and perfection ...No10000 DGB
282.4 $ | 249.6 €
Rainbow Trout - Original Artwork
id: La4kAfjf3cm5y4hgS88ndfsQ7dMTC4T2Gmcn8Y
Original Artwork by Debo Pen on paper 8.5" x 8.5"No600 DGB
16.944 $ | 14.976 €
Digital Jay - I Can't Believe My Eyes
id: La4wdzEW4DxwSHRYvLefZ6RDkYbFhj4tbSiDtk
LIMITED EDITION DIGITAL ART by Digital Jaywhen available50 DGB
1.412 $ | 1.248 €
The Independence Project
id: La4XnfbDTT8knq1TaZoZmjdpdjwnrUWWRNW5Ng
Grants the user a sponsored named brick in an expanding vegetable garden in Durban,South Africa, in so doing, becoming a part in proving independence from government is possible wi ...when available500 DGB
14.12 $ | 12.48 €
id: La5JXUtL1aKMgs5QAUnXwhLjuWtmsoBNNv9CeD
Kiss coin - Render your love immutablewhen available1 DGB
0.028 $ | 0.025 €
id: La5KRkbJf4naAgG6ib5b7Wk3P3oX7FccZyZzQC
22.592 $ | 19.968 €
id: La5scaVWoC2gHtUtPm3ZRmC2vy3og9PPrKF6JB
PayBits are a Decentralized Blockchain assets Developed by PayInnovations made as an alternative to Slower Blockchains like BTC, ETH, BCH. We provide 5-35% APR Staking Rewards excl ...monthly10 DGB
0.282 $ | 0.25 €
Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World 2
id: La5U8r2AFQ2NAJ5ESup5gkmJ1ZFRyfTzrBxzAH
Cover Painting by Lili Z - completed 12/19/2020No3600 DGB
101.664 $ | 89.856 €
DGB is alive!
id: La6AevGiuLhgP5V5UH4bXVbrvqqs7sbFc7He4d
Greet someone as Digibyte Skeleton, show them DGB is back!No9999 DGB
282.372 $ | 249.575 €
Bitcoin DigiAnimal Spirit
id: La6KNC724DTBaeY3GUMtz4cPvouMGQzL5PZniQ
The lion has been an icon for humanity for millennia, appearing in cultures in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, it is a popular symbol of royalty, dignity and courage. This is a w ...No10000 DGB
282.4 $ | 249.6 €
id: La6rsiVprftYfjGvs4jfUEpDDDQMzMJMFUVcfB
Each MigiByte has been originally sold for 1,048,576 (1024^2) DigiBytes. Show how rich in DGB you are!No1048580 DGB
29611.899 $ | 26172.557 €
16mm Abstract Film V1 - w/music
id: La79WYoAzChKqhGgCVYa55SnzHWYFtGWk8eWcF
Shot on a spring-wound 16mm camera on black and white film. Combined with an original soundtrack. This is a unique single supply asset.No88 DGB
2.485 $ | 2.196 €
id: La7anVj5SBfpkirQ4oaWGGeXUhmVeN3pLyoPza
Take a DigiTrip with me!No100 DGB
2.824 $ | 2.496 €
id: La7DTXMQtiDs1U7q1b691KgdcfMNM82PwtjYQQ
The DigiByte Penny!when available0.1 DGB
0.003 $ | 0.002 €
id: La7GuG5ZMJ3FSk2hLDVz4LgqPGcJNVjCzeSRw4
A digital asset token for payments, tips and content funding.when available50 DGB
1.412 $ | 1.248 €
id: La7JdY7yK4tRikpW4hu2HJ169GaWcwuwS2phd2
#Firm shares
DigiLotto is a Hamburg based Scratch card Lottery, Currently only native to Hamburg, Germany. However every ticket has some form of win attached, money, special offers, DigiLotto-t ...when available0.0001 DGB
0 $ | 0 €
id: La7oaPL5gA8maMx4rRsjta6JKoZARGgg82Js7m
Each 1GramSilverBar (1GSB) asset ensures the holder a 1 gram bar of pure silver kept at our secured facility and is redeemable for the precious metal upon demand.No150 DGB
4.236 $ | 3.744 €
Crypto Funds
id: La7oHh4ik27QcmvvK19DgPmgFERtegw87kCD5L
#P2P Loan
Crypto Funds lends your funds to traders on Bitfinex. Each loan is subject to an interest rate that the trader must pay. Our goal is to have a return on investment of 6% which we wmonthly606.144 DGB
17.118 $ | 62.4 €
Asset Inspiration
id: La7VKgkbttwn1bb6v9B7GDc4zf3GFDxBoSoH3c
Taco Bonnie [2021]when available150 DGB
4.236 $ | 3.744 €
id: La84j4cULsA5ieFkaWQg3hix2shf1nDijvsKBM
This asset is to promote new business, market new products, and reward those who support the content.when available0.697 DGB
0.02 $ | 0.025 €
Let's Take A Dip
id: La8n8yfMqJWoqxYv2FYNhinR3REd6j5P9GqRgK
Shot on CineStill 800T. Nikon F100. Scanned version of this image.when available100 DGB
2.824 $ | 2.496 €
id: La8q6Es4pSX9hBRV7RkENm5VuWA4Q1UStXUPju
#Real Estate
This DigiAsset includes the tokenization of the immovable property and all improvements upon it located at 442 Coolidge Street, Jefferson, LA 70121. Each token represents an intere ...when available21 DGB
0.593 $ | 0.524 €
id: La8sqMdMrw62b95kXcdJRvnvMZRyu4wpzbR1cN
XRP1 (aka Ripple One aka Ripple Classic) is a decentralized community meme-fork of Ripple Xrp. It was created by the legendary Xatoshi Xakamoto. There was no ICO ever, only an ITO ...when available0.01 DGB
0 $ | 0 €
id: La8VHEuDRtkWGf2odvZGJ5uKamKtMdFdESEiMa
Each 1UnitedStatesDigibyte (1USDGB) asset ensures the holder (1) United States dollar kept at our secured facility and is redeemable for the note upon demand. Please visit our link ...No4650 DGB
131.316 $ | 116.064 €
id: La9c6mDnBNBctXC3oX5RUKqjo2yQXboxZoba5a
#Firm shares
Own part of MineDGB.com. Website profits will be distributed equally to all holders. Max supply is 3 million. when available1 DGB
0.028 $ | 0.025 €
The Masked Singer Tree
id: La9gRUKBQDndi7r3NhNUBBUzYEWmbx8vxgzbMu
Ana GasteyerNo1 DGB
0.028 $ | 0.025 €
Sofistyc REIT
id: La9gYghRXfek8qLvsdYktivRSDhhixNuodmJT4
#Real Estate
Real Estate Investment Trust Equitywhen available4500 DGB
127.08 $ | 112.32 €
id: La9YbTPoY8nKb49KvZ63XmgGDSwbegnqPREQ36
This is a digital stable euroNo41.025 DGB
1.159 $ | 1.173 €
Digibyte $1.3 2022
id: LaAHGx4JhV9VUKqGXgMDDonc2E7S8yroQESToN
Digibyte Parabolic Run $1.3 2022No10000 DGB
282.4 $ | 249.6 €
Nyatapola is a 5-tiered Hindu temple built in Pagoda Style.No9999 DGB
282.372 $ | 249.575 €
Ruby Yachts Expedition Yacht 70
id: LaAXZaHKniibT3b8uxYxdwAkXv3U8oR2wcqzGG
We are accepting donations to help fund the construction of our 70' Expedition Yacht. Each contributor will receive a framed 8" x 10" print of the original color painting showing ...No3521.246 DGB
99.44 $ | 137.28 €
The Kales Building - Changing of the Seasons
id: Ld2rS1RQvch4gKyfXKJp5wV2MkhkszgbMqJ4Dt
The historic Kales Building changing through the Midwest seasons taken from Grand Circus Park in Detroit, Michigan. Photographer: EBwhen available300000 DGB
8472 $ | 7488 €
Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 UpperDeck Rookie Card
id: Ld6NFuAE6p1Bkc7HgJXuoyjaD7JcE24tuiKqwC
Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 UpperDeck Rookie Card NFTNo36 DGB
1.017 $ | 0.899 €
My First DigiAsset
id: Lh7svRw3cTjGkQF9mmnSbFqgaRosuA3kQnTUs8
Congratulations, this is your first DigiAsset! This is a limited-edition collectable with a special animation, but other DigiAssets could be concert tickets, season sporting passes ...No677.408 DGB
19.13 $ | 24.96 €
id: LhBW7gefPHPwqZ3guj7RgMeR7Hbmshj1aW9Uma
A DigiByte collectable token. There is only 100 tokens ever created. 40 DigiBest is leftNo3000 DGB
84.72 $ | 74.88 €
1 Army 1 Voice
id: Ua291TX5qC25yPgqx33zsiiCB3SUJHYbBkEuSW
when available1 DGB
0.028 $ | 0.025 €
Withdrew - Wistful for the Mystik (2021)
id: Ua2Z75pTyityqiMemACHxojcuSQiP5tL95VBzj
41 Minutes of Indie Rock from the Southern US. Built on: big choruses, bulky grooves, & bold solos...when available200 DGB
5.648 $ | 4.992 €
DigiByte.Rocks Mining Assets
id: Ua4MneDXdFP8eNEiN1fzJE8AjfuJ5RU3bBuRvq
This asset entitles you to an equal share in DigiByte.Rocks Mining Payouts. Whatever address holds this asset at midnight UTC gets the days payout awarded to them. See https://mini ...when available285 DGB
8.048 $ | 7.114 €
DigiGlow - Crypto Glow Sculpture
id: Ua4qZhB3bHBWWkiP31Rj5qULLgHnVXhyXoEAdF
This is a collectible Crypto Sculpture that glows in the dark, the first I created for DigiByte and its bright future! Now you can collect it and support my art and Digibyte! Many ...when available25 DGB
0.706 $ | 0.624 €
DGB Token
id: Ua5U4PuFToPp5q5tUr16RZpZj9at8p25ECB5WY
DGB TokenNo30 DGB
0.847 $ | 0.749 €
Legends Credit - Stuart Haber & W Scott Stornetta
id: Ua5Wam9oNHdkSW8dmxz7HoVhLt8yz7KWr9JkD7
Stuart Haber and W Scott Stornetta, who in January of 1991 published a paper called "How to Timestamp a Digital Document", are responsible for the breakthrough of time-stamping dig ...when available750 DGB
21.18 $ | 18.72 €
id: Ua5ZZAhoBgzY1bHYrauAkMCaqNtXYGTWVfiU7u
Criptomoneda descentralizada , veloz y escalable, automutable .when available1 DGB
0.028 $ | 0.025 €
Digibyte Community Trust
id: Ua69bweJgcm8pLenc5bGX2zCkai8puifbPwA81
Digibyte Holdings for Digibyte Community used for trading against BTC to obtain DGB and profit sharing amongst share holders. Please visit the chat: https://t.me/DGBCommunityTrustwhen available640 DGB
18.074 $ | 15.974 €
Public Appreciation Token
id: Ua6AByyvSCNH6D7aNdS9GUhVC1Uu5dt5XBiLSC
https://raymedina.weebly.com/public-appreciation-token.html The Public Appreciation Token (PAT)​ is a DigiAsset created by Ray P. Medina and issued as a reward to supporters o ...daily317.103 DGB
8.955 $ | 12.48 €
SC Farm
id: Ua6EgwXUFYzHMjoNC1t6zQ2QnTqUE5hrnDBGyJ
#Firm shares
Each Digi Asset is qual to 1 share in our farming operations in Pangasinam, Philippines. We are growing Shrimps and Crabs and profits will be shared every 3 months as that is one g ...quarterly4200 DGB
118.608 $ | 104.832 €
digi-broker.com | WebSite Holders
id: Ua6fENXBVrKppdxK9VQFxZEyc5eACbDMju8amN
#Firm shares
Shares website profit for the digi-broker.com website. 20% of the funds will be donated to digibroker\'s R & D addressquarterly85 DGB
2.4 $ | 2.122 €
id: Ua7dgZRn36qbdz98gycgBRuKEGYAewwTWB19P4
Spread the wealth you create.when available1 DGB
0.028 $ | 0.025 €
id: Ua8e86s1d3Qn922RwZq71a9mJCv1o7u9XMoiJn
This is a Digibyte asset that solely is a picture of Charizard. An exclusive run of 10 collectibles. As per the original Red/Blue Pokédex Data: “Spits fire that is hot enough ...when available2000 DGB
56.48 $ | 49.92 €
Micro Precious Metals Silver Gram
id: Ua8Ft5LRr6F9xH8hUjForKhoWeRjdf9XaRujPR
Asset used to redeem 1 Gram SilverNo100 DGB
2.824 $ | 2.496 €
Withdrew - Wistful for the Mystik (2021)
id: UdEXLhnMSWg7NvcaammWBPWzj9ZAQXPyxakf7w
41 minutes of Indie rock from the southern US. Built on: Big choruses, Bulky grooves, & Bold solos.when available200 DGB
5.648 $ | 4.992 €